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Websites that publish content to each other

A superior website

A successful website is active and never dull. It constantly builds connections between visitors and the site’s up-to-date content, pulling them into serial relationships.

A Flightdec website is unlike websites which stand virtually alone in a very crowded cyberspace. While such websites may look good and operate with adequate functionality, they are likely to languish with flimsy connections to other aligned websites and cannot benefit from even limited website-to-website interconnections.

Every Flightdec website is hosted on the Flightdec platform and built with the attributes of a quality stand-alone website: individually designed, highly capable, with beautifully simple website tools and optimised for mobile, tablet, social media, accessibility and search. They are built using a clean modular structure delivering very smart technology and operational simplicity. But that’s just the beginning.

Pull more of the right visitors

In any website, building traffic relies on active management of things like content, search and social media. A Flightdec website’s ability to network with other Flightdec websites and broadcast content makes your active management much more productive and manageable. For example, a single broadcast page can instantly appear in dozens or hundreds of other websites, begging for a click. That content can be managed and altered, across all websites, in one place, and if deleted there are no broken links.

Solve the website internal search puzzle

As your website grows, so too does the problem of how to organise the site structure and where to place a page; under which section or menu button?

Flightdec defeats the problem. The functions of sending and receiving content externally, also provides the means to decide where page content is displayed within the website, thereby solving a common architecture problems. A single page can be displayed in any number of places within the website eliminating the issue of a visitor having to guess where the content might be. For example, a website could have a single page on the topic of ‘training events’ which should rightly be displayed in any number of appropriate sections for say ‘training’, ‘events’, ‘professional development’ and ‘qualifications’, etc.

See more about the mechanics of content publishing between websites.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an international model used for community development initiatives, which fits neatly with the capabilities and benefits of Flightdec. We are assisting its development with organisations in a number of New Zealand communities.

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