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How we support your website

Hosting support

Flightdec websites, operating within the community to share content, need to be hosted on our Flightdec platform so websites can interconnect. You might note that Flightdec also builds stand-alone websites where the hosting can be externally arranged.

Flightdec provides, with every website hosting agreement, a Helpdesk service covering assistance and advice which can generally be provided by email (or phone) during normal working hours. It also handles breakdown emergencies where the Flightdec team will use best endeavours to rectify major faults quickly.

Monthly charges

Flightdec operates a monthly payment option which packages your Hosting and Helpdesk together. Alternatively, you might just pay for monthly hosting and elect to access Flightdec Helpdesk services on a pay-as-used basis.

Most websites operate within reasonably low traffic levels however where traffic volumes increase you may need to pay more, depend on the traffic levels in that month.

Our standard hosting fee is $12 per month, plus a Helpdesk charge of $13 per month. These charges apply across the board no matter the level of traffic incurred.


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