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How we support your website

Technical support

Website: technical information

Flightdec delivers sound website CMS (Content Management System) that can be upgraded and developed with ease; code that is clean, efficient, optimised and incorporates good mark-ups; is optimised for SEO, mobile, tablet and older browsers.

Unlike full Open Source CMS, Flightdec is built from the ground up with the editor part of the CMS based around the widely used TinyMCE Open Source Text Editor. In this way we achieve the best of both worlds – we tap into the huge resources available from TinyMCE but we don’t fall victim to the uncontrolled aspects of Open Source, such as redundant complexity and mountains of unwanted legacy code.

Our design philosophy is simple – build quality websites that are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, all with a high level of user efficiency and robustness. Key in this is technical delivery that assists good architecture and navigation, the ability to attract traffic through search optimisation, is optimised for mobile and tablet, and the capacity to upgrade and develop sites with ease.

Our technical philosophy runs ‘leading edge’ rather than ‘bleeding edge’ systems. That is, state of the art systems are not implemented until a period of testing has been completed to ensure the stability of the systems. The same approach applies to the software written.

Any new coding principles are rigorously tested internally before application to client work and the code itself must be understood by a wide range of browsers / Operating Systems versions.

Licence fees: None

Flightdec Platform: Custom-built CMS in PHP and MySQL.

Text Editor: TinyMCE 4 (Open Source).

JavaScript Library: jQuery 1.9 (Open Source).

Websites using sustainable technologies

Flightdec is subjected to constant research and development to stay up-to-date with the general global curve of development.

Flightdec has established a replicable website framework with a modular structure, and is designed so that any make-overs should avoid the need for a total rebuild, provided the right structure is adopted from the outset. Our experience of well built websites is that they should evolve over time and benefit, from occasional additions and alterations to keep them up-to-date and delivering for the organisation’s changing needs.

Hosting specifics

Flightdec websites are hosted by a third party provider in New Zealand on a virtual server in the cloud. Service is provided by fully qualified practising Engineers The servers are Supermicro enterprise-grade machines with Intel Xeon processors and error-correcting memory. It uses RAID arrays in all machines for greater reliability and performance.

The servers operate in a carrier-grade facility with multiple fibre links for redundancy for superb International and New Zealand-wide connectivity using high quality bandwidth.

Hosting technical support is operated around the clock, 7 days a week by our supplier, providing first-class and unrestricted platform service. 


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