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The life force of organisations and communities is interconnection between members and groups to share information, resources, opinions, news, and ideas. It advances self awareness, shared goals, knowledge, collaboration, innovation and even a sense of kinship and pride.

Better communication and interaction also helps promote the whole community and the desires of more people. Importantly, shared conversations have a habit of turning into community-led action.

Of course the best relationships are personal and real. Yet the obvious place to look for a step-change in interconnection is online. While it’s easy to think that’s already completely sorted with web page linking, RSS feeds, social media and the like, these have built wonderfully rampant 'social networks' which generally provide random connectivity. Flightdec seeks to build 'enterprise networks' using the rich content of real websites to create much more meaningful interconnection.

Flightdec’s mission statement

To help people to more easily and productively build relationships, share knowledge, find resources, develop assets, advance ideas, make sales and promote themselves and others, through the internet. In short, to benefit individuals, clusters and active communities of common interest.

All this is why we have set out to make a difference by building the world’s most interconnected websites.

In building meaningful interconnections within common interest communities and across diverse ones, Flightdec can open up your organisation’s or community’s online content to where it’s really needed and provide genuine interconnection between websites. For the lucky website members in your group, they can be more active, current and deeply connected to the groups and communities that matter. All the while it respects and enhances, rather than diminishes, the diversity and richness of individual websites and the autonomy of groups and individuals.

Membership organisations

'Community-led action' can provide a positive pathway for many membership organisations where the relevance of membership has become questionable for some, while the remedies seem to be beyond the reach of the organisation itself. Creating a rich community environment where members create their own interactions and benefits is a tidy and cost effective solution.

See more about the mechanics of content broadcasting between websites.


Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an international model used for community development initiatives, which fits neatly with the capabilities and benefits of Flightdec. We are assisting its development with organisations in a number of New Zealand communities.

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