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How broadcasting works

Flightdec websites operate on a common platform which allows a website to join any number of other Flightdec websites in groups (large and small) of their choosing so they can selectively broadcast content. Each website can publish, when a page is made, by electing to send the page out or receive content in. Broadcasting is managed by selecting the desired groups (those belonged-to) and the topics covered by the page – whether sending out or accepting in-bound content.

Broadcasting is optional and controlled to suit each website so that the groups and topics, sent and received, are relevant for each website and page.

Websites sending pages out expose their content across multiple websites – with instant display links in return (on Index Listing Pages), while receiving websites benefit from the input of dynamic and relevant content hitting the desired pages.

Website content, broadcast to display in other sites, can be changed or deleted (across all sites) after publication so there need not be any unmanaged content or broken links.

See more on Flightdec websites in groups and communities here.


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