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Websites in
groups and communities


Communities and organisations are stronger
when we share knowledge and ideas
to collaborate, innovate and build something better


Answering your community needs

Exposing communities and group’s to easier interconnection, using real websites, is transforming not just communications but the way we work together for a common purpose. Sharing information and ideas advances understandings and promotes sustainable action for town communities, member organisations and common interest groups.


How groups work

Flightdec websites can apply to operate groups, or belong to groups managed by other websites. Websites network in small groups and in large communities, within which website pages can be selectively shared according to content topic. A website creating a page for sharing, fully manages the content, while each receiving website fully controls page receipt.

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Join and participate

Communities are built through active engagement. Not only can Flightdec provide you with a new website, you can also participate in dynamic online groups and communities. Login access operates at a number of levels from a website administrator managing a group, down to a casual website visitor commenting or uploading content for approval.



Collective Impact on communities

Flightdec’s community building capabilities are ideal in providing online infrastructure and communications support mechanisms for the Collective Impact model. We are currently working with a number of Collective Impact initiatives in New Zealand. Read more on Collective Impact and Flightdec. 


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