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Websites that publish content to each other

Receive content

Your website is more effective and able to attract numerous visitors if there is a regular churn of compelling and relevant content – the more the better. That’s a first rule of search engine optimisation (SEO).

But supposing you don’t always have the time or skills to keep generating interesting content?

A Flightdec website can be enriched and made more attractive for visitors simply by setting it to receive relevant content from other Flightdec websites. That content is collected from belonged-to groups of websites and on the basis of desired content topics.

Receiving is controlled and optional

Each received item is listed in an attractive Display Listing Page with a back link. The content is managed by and belongs to the originating website, while receipt of content is optional or controlled by the receiving website manager – managed openly or conservatively.

A website can select any pages to receive content and sets them individually with permissions for groups and topics, e.g. an education website might elect to invite content from an ‘education’ group using a topic of ‘community education’. Any number of groups (if available) and topics can be selected for a page and the permissions can be changed at any time. If necessary, the website manager can permanently blacklist another website or delete posts on a case-by-case basis.

Pages set to receive content might be located in certain areas of a website, e.g. on an ‘Education Community’ page or a website might wish to receive, for example, a group’s blog posts only in a blog section, or events in an events section. Pages can also be password protect so that they can only be privately viewed.

See more about the mechanics of content publishing between websites.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact is an international model used for community development initiatives, which fits neatly with the capabilities and benefits of Flightdec. We are assisting its development with organisations in a number of New Zealand communities.

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