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How we support your website

Helpdesk support

Flightdec back up support is both responsive and pro-active. We endeavour to ensure that your website operation is uninterrupted, fault free and a joy to use.

The launch of your new Flightdec website is preceded by the website being viewable online as a demo website. In the demo stage and once the website is fully live, all your website administrators (you may have more than one person) have access to the following:

Email Helpdesk: We’ll respond to emails generally on the same day, during New Zealand business hours, to any questions regarding the website operation or technical issues regarding the website or hosting.

Website Administration: The operation of your website/s (you might have more than one Flightdec website) is available through a login. The website’s operation is logical and clear with pop-up prompts available in step-by-step processes.

Online Help Centre: The Help Centre website maintains a complete and up-to-date description of all website operations and is only accessible through a secure login.

Flightdec messaging: As a website administrator you’ll see in the administration area a pop-up with a short summary of any fresh information from Flightdec. In addition, as an administrator you automatically join our email mailing list where occasional email and e-newsletter messages are posted to your inbox.

Flightdec operates a very cost effective monthly payment option which packages your hosting and Helpdesk together. Alternatively, you might just pay for monthly hosting and elect to access Flightdec Helpdesk services on a pay-as-you-use basis. See Hosting Support >>


We provide no warranty or take no responsibility of any kind against any losses caused by the failure of our services. Having said this, we are very serious about reliability and have many systems and measures in place to minimised outages or data loss. We monitor all systems and will know and address any issues if and when they arise.

We advise all our website clients to maintain their own content files and back up (text, images, videos, audio files, etc).


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