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Use the power of your website to join and build communities that matter to you.


The future of websites is here now.

Networks of Flightdec websites can work together in self-selecting groups to allow instant page publishing to each other through attractive back-links:

  • Your website's valuable content can be published and exposed as never before, out to other websites where it's relevant and welcome
  • Networking encourages sharing between websites and much richer and more dynamic content 
  • Websites no longer need to be static, isolated and boring, and instantly generated links build much more search traffic (SEO) back to your website.

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New online communities using Flightdec

Each of these websites acts as a hub for an online community of many contributing websites.
Websites can apply to join these groups to share content within that group. Read more about Flightdec groups and communities >> is a hub website for the capital city of New Zealand. The site receives topical content from a growing number of satellite websites dedicated to areas such as philanthropy, education, health, business and sport. is an instantly accessible online soapbox for publishers of media releases. All posts are submitted directly or broadcast from other Flightdec websites to appear automatically in the moment the post is released. is a hub website dedicated to the community sector. It's in it's early stages of being a crucial element in connecting organisations and individuals to each other so they can share news,views, ideas and events.


The 9 benefits other websites can't match

Information, resources, ideas and advice shape our organisational lives, especially if they can be shared better. You can now radically improve engagement for those important to you and build more online traffic for your online community?

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Collective Impact in communities

Collective Impact Flightdec CommunitiesCommunities and organisations in New Zealand and overseas are using the Collective Impact model to generate positive social change through getting organisations to work together around a common agenda.

Flightdec’s community development capabilities are ideal in providing online infrastructure and communications support mechanisms. We are currently working with some of the first Collective Impact initiatives in New Zealand.

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