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Content sharing at work.

When making a post (news, blogs, events, etc) your website automatically sends display links out to other websites that are listening for your content. That means your content is targeted to where it's wanted.

Sending and receiving (called broadcasting) can be between a small cluster of website, or into larger communities of website. Receiving website 'opt in' and have control over what they wish to receive.

Broadcasting is filtered according to:

Groups – area of interest, e.g. Export Trade.

Page Type – format and type of content, e.g. article, blog, release, news item, event or resources.

Categories – topic, e.g. Pasifika Business.

Location – country, region and town, e.g. New Zealand, Wellington Region, Otaki.

Here are some examples of receiving pages set to listen, according to these filters.

Clusters of websites can share posts within a small self-defined group, say in support of a project.

Power up your website with content sharing.


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