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We think connectivity is important

Connectivity has made the world what it is – just think of the invention of the wheel, the telephone, our highway systems. It helps us work together, rather than alone. It prevents siloed thinking, allows us to share more, pool resources, plan better, promote democracy, innovate more easily and save money. It’s a key to the transformational changes needed to build resilient and innovative communities, to create prosperity and sustain what we have.

See a snapshot about how Flightdec Communities works here.

Why we created Flightdec Communities

Online Communities were a hot topic in the late 1990s, before the dotcom bust and before the pizzazz of social media. It was also a time Fraser Carson, Flightdec's founding partner, began an obsession around a simple question; how might social connections be created online for the purpose of assisting the economic, social and cultural fortunes of communities?

Has the internet delivered all the connectivity we need? The answer has clearly been no. Despite the intervening phenomenon of social media, the question has remained work-in-progress and still largely unanswered. Within the millions of websites striving to make a difference in the world, we think genuine connectivity was barely scratching the surface.

The Flightdec Communities platform may well be the first genuine online community ecosystem built to fully connect websites with each other. It’s unique because the websites aren’t just tiny dots bobbing about in Google space. Rather they can seek out other websites within the community to form small trusting clusters, say just seven sites, or maybe looser connections with larger groups of websites with hundreds of sites.

We’re spreading the word

Flightdec is our response to the needs of communities, to better harness the most important infrastructure tool of our age. We're working with businesses, social help groups and community organisations to develop online infrastructure that encourages sustained connection and collaboration, that’s affordable and accessible to whole communities and self-selecting groups.

Each community can be modeled to mirror the diverse, mutually supporting, interconnected and positive strengths of any real community. Easy access and self-management builds interactive engagement, which allows you to contribute to and benefit from ‘bottom-up’ drivers and community-led action.

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