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Public Issues Campaigns

Our first love and passion is in creating public affairs and issues campaigns. The bigger the challenge, the greater the buzz for us.

This is where we commonly bring together cutting-edge internet technology with tried and tested marketing and communications to create opportunities unheard of only a few years ago. We don’t do this by running ad-hoc campaigns or making outrageous claims; we do it with a systematic approach, creative thinking and a unique range of developed products and services.

It might involve an advertising campaign where we work with outside public relations professionals, or it could be an online campaign using Flightdec websites, social media and email to build grassroots support. Whatever the channels used, we are certainly not constrained by any methodology limitations to ensure a client’s objectives are achieved.

We’ve helped build some of the most successful issues campaigns in New Zealand’s recent history, for clients ranging from international and national advocacy groups.

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