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Stronger member organisations

These are challenging times for membership organisations. Attracting and retaining members, unless membership is compulsory, can be a slippery slope.

So what can organisations do when older people, who might be committed to "membership" need to attract a younger generation, or people from a more dynamic of diverse background.

Flightdec has not only developed strategies to help, but also offers a practical online tool to assist. Flightdec websites provide a much more active place to engage with members and other influencers. That doesn't just mean tools for members to use, but also a much more connected environment for the kind of interaction a new generation of members is seeking.

Aligned with this is a need for a change in mind-set about what 'membership' means in today's world. There is a need, and a shift, away from strictly institutional ways of doing things, towards a much more flexible and collaborative approach.

With the tools of a Flightdec website and practical ways of working; for example with social media, email and other activities; a membership organisation has every right flourish and prosper.


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