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Posting your Event

Index Display – how people find your event and how it is usually displayed.


If you have your content already prepared, the form loading should take about 2 to 4 minutes. Each step in your entry is assisted with a pop-up prompt. 

We recommend using an up-to-date version of Google Chrome as your web browser for posting.

What you need before you post

You will need copy, a digital image and event details. You might also have copied web links to embed in your copy.

Copy: Create a narrative about the event, maybe up to a page long. Use a Word file, Notepad or similar to prepare copy, ready to copy and paste. Never paste it directly from an email or PDF because it can corrupt the page layout. 

Event Details: These are entered into the upload form, which means you don't have to repeat them in the narrative. Details cover; event location, date/s and times.

An image: It can be uploaded in 2 places (Signature (Index Display image) and a Page Image) but it can be a repeat of the same image. Your image, before upload from your desktop or files, should be a minimum of 400 pixels wide or deep. You can use a jpg, jpgeg, gif, tiff, png, bmp or svg file.

Form upload

Event Name: The post will NOT load if it has an identical name to another post already loaded into the particular website – first in first served. Make the name unique, even if slightly changed. Trial and error may be needed. Use caps and lower case and avoid ALL CAPS. 

Event Content: Enter the information for the post. Use the Text Editor function (where you place your main copy) to make headings and links, etc. Once copy is pasted, you might need to adjust the paragraph spaces to make the page look even and check that the copy and paste has not altered the sentence breaks.

Signature Image: Display an image on Index Listing pages (see display example at the top of this page). Your image, before you upload, should be a minimum of 400 pixels wide or deep. It will be auto-cropped in the website to best fit a square shape (100 x 100 pixels) or, alternatively a horizontal rectangle (250 x 196 pixels). 

Content Image: Display an image on your posted page. Your image, before you upload, should be a minimum of 400 pixels wide or deep. It will be auto-cropped in the website to best fit a horizontal rectangle (250 x 196 pixels). 

What else you’ll need to include

Categories: Take special and deliberate care in selecting from the pre-set dropdowns because this activates broadcasts to category pages. Select according to the nature of your event. e.g. Arts Culture. You will generally have a limit of 5 category options to click. Your first selection is shown in Index Displays, so choose the first appropriately. 

Town or Area: Enter your location, i.e. a single name only, e.g. just New York NOT New York City and don't use a town name mixed with a suburb. The location entry is a broadcast element, in the same way categories are. If the event is in more than one town location, leave blank.

Event Venue: The building, street or location where the event is held. If it covers multiple areas, name the areas.

Event Address: Street address and suburb, if applicable.

Venue Accessibility: Does the venue have wheelchair access, accessible toilets or mobility parking? Tick the options.

Event Cost: The cost to enter or participate in this event, or is it free?

Event Start / Event Stop: This is easy if a one-off event at a single time. Otherwise, if it's a repeating event, enter a Start and Stop for the first date, because most repeating events don’t run continuously over multiple days. For more help, check 'Repeat Event Tips' on the setup page.

Your post will be broadcast to other websites

Pages posted into a website, such as this one, may be broadcast by the website owner to other websites on the Flightdec Communities platform. Please therefore only post once, in a website on the platform. Multiple entries on different Flightdec websites may create broadcast clashes and could result in websites blacklisting your posts.

When you post, the website will be alerted to the post and has the right to allow or disallow display in that website. You may make further adjustments after submitting the post although once it's approved by the website manager, further changes require you to update the post and re-enter for a fresh approval by the website manager.

The website manager is under no obligation to display your post, or broadcast it, or enter into discussion with you about your posting.

Useful guidelines for posting

When you have a login to post an event, you can change the event again at any time. This also means you can revive an expired event post, for example, an annual event that simply needs small updates. NOTE: it pays to revive expired events rather than making a fresh post because you will wish to avoid cluttering your account and you might have retained some search page rankings.

To Cut, Copy or Paste content on the website (not for Mac) you need to use your computer Ctrl Keys as follows:

Copy: Ctrl C
Paste: Ctrl V
Cut: Ctrl X

Javascript is required on your computer but generally comes automatically loaded with your browser. However, any operational failure may be due to your Javascript being disabled and you’ll need to activate it for full functionality.


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