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FlightdecWe build quality
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to each other


Flightdec websites are stitched into enterprise networks of other Flightdec websites to dramatically increase your connectivity and influence:

  • Instantly publish your page content for display in many other agreeing websites 
  • Drive interested visitors back to your website from increased exposure
  • Manage your externally published content,
    all from your website
  • Invite relevant content into your website
    to keep it interesting and dynamic                             

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Collective Impact on communities

Collective Impact Flightdec CommunitiesCommunities and organisations in New Zealand and overseas are using the Collective Impact model to generate positive social change through getting organisations to work together around a common agenda.

Flightdec’s community building capabilities are ideal in providing online infrastructure and communications support mechanisms. We are currently working with some of the first Collective Impact initiatives in New Zealand.

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Online communities using Flightdec

Each of these websites acts as a hub for an online community of many contributing websites.
Websites can apply to join these groups to share content within that group. Read more about Flightdec groups and communities >>

Our Porirua is an online soapbox for anyone with something serious to contribute on issues of the day. All posts are made directly from other Flightdec websites and can appear automatically in the moment the post is released. Visitors viewing the feed of content from contributing websites can then contribute with their own comments. represents an urban community just north of Wellington in New Zealand. It promotes “the voice of a proud community" through the content sharing and connectivity of the community itself. The site receives content from a growing number of satellite websites dedicated to areas such as education, health, activities and sport.

Technology Valley is on an industry-led mission to transform the Wellington region (in New Zealand) into a prime centre for economic and export growth, primarily based on advanced manufacturing. The hub website is a crucial element in connecting businesses and services to each other and the sharing of news, resources, ideas, events and views.

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