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Remove the barriers to connected communities

Communities and organisations are stronger when we share knowledge and ideas to collaborate, innovate and build something better.

Flightdec challenges a different way of looking at the world-wide-web. In the process we are creating the next-generation internet.

Rather than accepting the status quo of websites operating in blissful isolation, we have reimagined a much more connected internet.

We asked ourselves; does it make any sense to work in small silos to compete for fewer resources? If websites are truly an extension and shop-window of our organisations and communities, website silos should be in the past. 

To flourish, the world demands we are more inclusive and socially aware.

Any good community endeavour needs continuous two-way communications -  between community organisers and the community - to build trust and relationships.

Giving a voice to others and enabling better connections puts your organisation in a leadership position and opens a world of possibilities to engage people in your important mission.

Easier said than done? Here’s a useful place to start.

Use the power of your own website to join and build powerful communities that matter to you.

And break out of the silo to deliver more of what people want - their own voice.

People want access to reliable and relevant information, and value the ability to consume and share their stories.

The managed approach puts your website at the heart of your activity. It’s ‘information central’, is fully owned and managed by you and is where other communications, such as social media, feed in and out.

Now consider how a Flightdec website makes this even more compelling.

Unique technology means a website can work in concert with other websites, to share and access website content, almost in real time. All this encourages much more dynamic communications between any number of contributors.

If you’d like to target less and genuinely engage more with the communities that matter to you, contact us.

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